Do you want to learn how to control your camera and start taking the photo you had in your head before you took it?!I have condensed 10 years of teaching experience into a no-nonsense guide to digital photography.Over 100 pages of tips, explanations, and examples covering everything you need to know. I demonstrate ideas and techniques (I don't believe in rules in photography!) using my own photos, so you can see why I've done what I've done.I also explain some concepts I learnt from experience, and have never seen adequately and clearly explained. You could spend weeks at night school and cover less than I cover here.I explain things in the way I do on photography workshops, having learnt what works through 10 years of teaching. Subjects include: What makes a good photo What you need

Camera controls

Depth of field

Shutter speed


Black and white


Studio photography

Taking it further

Photography tips from a professional

There’s no comparison to 1-1 time with an experienced professional, however as not everyone is able to join me, I have decided to offer the same expert tuition in an accessible format.There’s no waffle or padding, and no unexplained jargon, and no ‘rules’ of photography. Just what you need to do to take control of your camera and create the sort of images you have always wanted to.

Beginners' Digital Photography: Everything you need to know