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Wedding Photography Tuition

Shooting a wedding like a pro isn't easy, and doing it without any tuition is a recipe for disaster, and ruining someone's big day. I provide bespoke tuition to budding photographers, even offering to work with them on their first wedding as a second shooter, to ensure smooth running.

I also offer a unique service. I call it my Uncle Bob* service.

Have you been asked to shoot a wedding for someone, because they know you take a good photo? Or have you kindly offered?!

Again, if you don't know some fundamentals, just knowing how to use a camera won't prevent a potentially highly awkward situation!

I will therefore go through what you need to do before, on and after the day, and will scope out the venue with you. This is essential in your planning of the day, as you need to know what locations will be used, backup plans in case it rains, where the sun will be etc.

Nobody else is offering this service, so contact me before it's too late!


* What photographers call the bloke (it's always a man!) who brings a pro camera to a wedding; not necessarily knowing how to use it...